The Journey Is The Reward

18th August 2023

The Journey Is The Reward

Travel Right 



Many of us live in a fast-paced world where distractions can get in the way of planning or procrastinating for that high turnover business deal trip, long overdue family leisure holiday, or romantic city break.


In this blog post you will learn the best prompts from the Travel and Business industry professionals how to plan, pack and conquer your travel goals like a Pro. In return you will save your emotional time, mental and physical energy, finances and experience the best planned trip of your life!


Now without further ado, lets speed you to the gate, you have a flight to catch on time!


Planning & Packing 

Planning your trip will have different emotions for the traveller based on the purpose of their trip, for example children feel excited if they are going on their annual family holiday, a happy businessman on his way to greet his new team adventure, or an emotional Grandparent visiting their new born grandchild for the first time.  


They key to packing is to eliminate, minimise your luggage to experience a lighter way to travel effortlessly.


You will need a travel packing check list to ensure you have packed everything you need for your trip. Itemised checklist for business and leisure travellers are available free to down from this website.  This tool will save you time, so you have more time to buy souvenirs and post cards for loved ones.   


These checklists are a tool that many frequent travellers use, as it also helps the traveller to re-pack from their destination back home so they don’t leave anything behind.  You always have the option to place your left airport shoe in your safety box at your hotel, this will prompt you to empty your belonging as you check out.



General Packing and Tips


Minimise to three outfits, formal, casual and leisure, this will give you a good variation for work, social and fitness time.  Always print your boarding pass as soon as possible this will speed you to the gate and support many on time airline departures. Print details of your location stay so you can direct your arrival airport driver with ease. 


Research shows that many human beings’ behaviour can change when travelling, common factors can be forgetting to do tasks either through excitement or anxiety.  Ensure you pack your phone charger with adapters for your location, pack a small first aid kit to hold, pain relief medication, insect repellent, plasters, lip balm and vitamin supplements, include a sachet of mustard it is the secret remedy to relieve instant inflight leg cramps. 


If away from loved ones take an item of their clothing with you, their scent will relax you and comfort them, this also works wonders with a loving pet. Instinct is everything follow it.


“ Anyone Who Keeps Learning, Stays Young” 
Henry Ford

Relax and Enjoy!

Travel is the best form of knowledge, time to relax now that you have landed.  How was the movie or the sweet treat on board. You may have just had your first digital detox or realised this, they don’t call it Airplane Mode for nothing! Well done you just upgraded yourself!

May your journey now be airborne, rewarded with remarkable memories and bring you home safely.  Safe Travels

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