28 July 2023

The Creative Art of Achieving Your Dreams - With Goal Setting

Goal setting is an important segment of achieving success in all aspects of life. Whether you want to start a brand new business, develop a new skill or improve your fitness goals, having a clear and specific goal can help you stay focused, inspired and motivated.

Here are some simple strategies to kick start your goals to success and achieve your dreams.

Specific Measure and Monitor – Your Goals

The most important elements of goal-setting is ensuring that your goals are specific, measurable and monitored with review. Clearly define what you want to achieve, measure by when and review with update. As you work on your goal, your goal works on you, this is known as growth goal change. A vague goal is ” I wish to get fit” where a specific goal is “lose 11 pounds in 3 months”

Goals -Set Realistic, Measurable and Achievable

Goals that challenge you are important to your growth, drive and motivation, however it is just as important to set realistic goals that are achievable and stretch you. Too far stretched goals may lead to disappointment, deflation and frustration, while setting easy goals can lead to non-tangible achievements.

Evaluate and consider your emotions , environment and energy as these can be driving factors together with any obstacles or non determining factors that may need to be overcome.

Goals – Bite Size Chunks

Breaking your goals down into chunks, makes it manageable steps can feel less overwhelming and more achievable. This can also help you stay focused and track your progress effortlessly. For instance, if your goal is to commence a successful business, you may break it down into smaller manageable chunks such as commencing market research, developing a business plan, or launching your product or service.

Create an Action Plan Tracker

Great goals have been set and broken down into chunks, it is time to plan your action – action your plan. This may include setting deadlines for each bite size chunk, collating resources you may need, and setting a completion date.

You are the Major -Key

Put is on yourself, only you are accountable for achieving your goals and living your dreams. Focus, track and review your progress. Support from friends, cheerleaders and mentors will accelerate your goal achievements. Recognise and reward yourself for milestones reached, this is major importance to your success!

These strategies, are effective goal achievements that will help you achieve your dreams. Remember, goal-setting is continuous process, with regular review, commitment and discipline on your goals you can truly turn your dreams into reality!

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