8th September 2023


Happy women are always looking out for the greater happiness of all not only with sight but insight of good faith.  They pave the future with intentional happiness, joy and follow happy practices.  Happy women are the greatest listeners, most well-adjusted and flexible without judgment.  

Happy women are often extremely compassionate, fair and trustworthy.   Happy women are usually known as the bearer of good fruits, enjoy giving in abundance.  Happy women follow good practices as they know they are the heart of a home and extension of gratitude.  They are often recognised for home activities such as home cooking, baking enjoy time with nature caring for a garden, time with elderly.  Often eat dinner last as they see others happiness as a duty.

Happy Women practice excellent practices to become more prosperous.  They plan and prioritise their time in advance for everyone who they feel may need their support or guidance, whether in their personal or professional life, they understand the importance of teamwork.

Many prosperous happy women understand men and women are different and adapt to the different level of support and communication.   Happy women are often direct to the point, they are often seen extremely loving, accountable, and seen firm with their relationships, especially their children and grandchildren.

Research shows that the most prosperous women in history are often the sounding board to the most courageous men ever known, due to their natural ability of emotional intelligence.

Happy women take pride in their duties, families and hold unshakable faith!

“ Men Fight Wars. Women Win Them ”
Queen Elizabeth II

Happy Summary Checklist

Happy and successful women follow good practices and disciplines.  They have a sense of purpose, fulfilment, they know why they do what they do.   For example, some of their tasks they do and delegate to their children first thing in morning is to make their bed neat and tidy, often taught in the world’s best military training, make a spiritual prayer to promote faith, good character and prosperity in the young and their environment.

Happy women know that happiness is a journey and can take time to understand, process their emotions, thoughts, and feelings, with meditation, mindfulness journaling, exercise or help some one in need. This brings inner calmness and empowering wellbeing and happiness. Giving gives happy women the greatest gratification, this keeps them alert and in top condition.

If you are new to happy mindfulness living, implement gradually and don’t compare or compete with others, that’s not your style.   You maybe still at your sowing of loving and giving, whilst looking at someone who already is at their harvest.  There is no short cut to happiness or prosperity and there definitely is no such thing as instant success.   Happy women know, what they do in private is rewarded publicly.    Happy woman, today what are you grateful for …