4 August 2023

Focus Faith Fulfilment Formula To Your Dreams

Living in a fast-paced world where distractions are screaming for attention, with endless social media notifications and constant emails, it can be challenging to remain focused on your tasks. There is great news, you can overcome these minor distractions, by implementing focused attention into your daily planning routine, helping you to stay focused with a faithful formula to achieve your dreams.  In this blog you will learn the mindfulness formula together with some helpful tips to plan and implement a daily routine for a more fulfilled purposed life.

Focus is Fruitful

Focus is the practice of being fully present and engaged in the present moment. When we are focused, we focus on the task at hand without getting distracted by outside influences and hinderances, research has shown up to 89% more productive with focused attention.

This is especially important when it comes to planning and achieving our goals or having to take critical decisions. When we are focused and present, we are better able and more capable to make better progress and achieve our goals and dreams with full faith.

Focus Your Vision – Do’s 

Meditation, Journaling, Spiritual Prayer.  Take a few minutes each morning to meditate, journal your thoughts, practice deep breathing or Yoga before you start planning your day or schedule. This will help you clear your mind, realign, reset and help you focus with more clarity on your to do list tasks.

Use a planner, writing down your goals, visions and tasks, this removes mental congestion and strains, allowing your mind to be decluttered and more energised with creativity.  Schedule regular mindfulness breaks throughout the day, aligned around your important tasks and duties.

What is Faith Focus 

Practice focus during your daily activities and tasks with mindfulness.  If you are preparing a written report for work, stay present and focus, complete the task, before moving onto another task.  Other tasks may come to your mind, however, remain focused on completing the task at hand first.

When you were in School studying your English class, your Art project may have come to your mind, you did not leave your English class to attend your Art class as you knew your Art class is scheduled in your academic planner, you knew and had faith. You completed your English class successfully before seeing to your Art Project.   This is disciplined focused attention with faith, in the moment. Our minds are not designed for mental multi- tasking. 

A Planning journal is a great tool for implementing focus and other beneficial health and wellbeing benefits to into your daily routine. Here are a few ways to use your Journal to remain healthy and focused.

Use your journal to schedule regular focus breaks throughout the day, including daily exercise, well nutrient wholesome foods, ensure you are well hydrated with plenty of fresh water at hand, a good night’s restful sleep between 8-9 hours and schedule some relaxation down time.

Plan track your progress and reflect on how focusing is performing in your planning and goal-achieving process, it will be more affective for sure and your dreams one step closer!

Use your planner to remind yourself to be present in the moment and engaged in the present time.  “There is More to Life Than Increasing It’s Speed” Mahatma Gandhi.

Conclusion Summary

Implementing focus tasks with intention and faith into your day-to-day planning will help you stay focused and achieve your goals and dreams. By implementing mindfulness practices and applying these formulas into your daily routine, you will stay better present, engaged, and back on track with full faith.

Track your progress follow the formula and you will achieve your goals and feel a more fulfilled and balanced life for your Dreams. 

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