1st September 2023

Emotional Intelligence also known as (EQ) is when feelings and emotions meet. 


Emotional Edge refers to how well we can recognise, manage our own emotions as they inter-connect to our feelings and with others.


Building and mastering our EQ helps us to promote wellbeing, overrides clinic depression, zaps emotional distress and strikes out any thoughts or feelings of negative sabotage thoughts which can cause blockages for tasks and duties that require completion.


High emotional intelligence overrides with intellectual positive conduct and actions which lead to grow and nurture caring relationships which are extremely essential components to achieving personal and professional inner peace and happiness with more mental clarity.


Emotional Intelligence supports Academic Intelligence greatly,  research confirms IQ contributes 20% of the factors that determine success, which leaves 80% to other forces and niches including Emotional Intelligence. 



Building Foundations for Emotional Intelligence Self-Management  


Self-management is about monitoring your emotions, which are built on thoughts and feeling, never control but monitor your impulses and behavior in every situation where you feel is needed, monitoring your EQ will teach you about yourself and give you the ability to empower your emotional intelligence.



Here are some examples of High Emotional Intelligence behaviours.


People with high EQ step back refrain and observe situations, refrain from out bursts, which maybe uprooted from many negative emotions such as anger, jealousy, fear and many other negative emotions,  high performers monitor and manage these emotions by taking a few moments first to analyse situations themselves and looking at the totality of everything outside of the box.  


Highest Performers often rely on confidential emotional support with people they trust the most, with successful businessmen this usually is a female role model in their life, such a Mother, Sister, Childhood Friend or Life Coach someone that they have no sexual physical relationship with.


High degree of Emotionally Intelligent performers are often known as the most courageous people, they are often seen to step in without notice to protect their values, which often are their relationships with their families, businesses, colleagues, and communities they serve.   These qualities are seen in passionate Leaders in History and Today.


The following areas of improvements can support any ones emotional intelligence with self management. 


  • Be more mindful of thoughts and emotions.
  • Build patience, high tolerance and faith.
  • Know you always have a choice how to respond not react, response is without emotion reaction is with an emotion.
  • Chisel your communication skills to people who rely on your communication.
  • Remove others emotional baggage, you don’t have time for it, your IQ and emotional intelligence is preparing you for more significance.


” We Want To Be First; Not First if, not First but; but First! ” 

John F Kennedy

Awareness of Self 


Mindfulness and awareness of your strengths, weaknesses, and the triggers that drive and motivate your behavior and conduct.  This will empower , motivate, process and understand your emotions and responses.   Once you learn how to respond instead of react this will better help you to serve others in your life too. Prepare to become the most loved and emotionally intelligent human being in your community, region or even in the world.


Self-awareness do’s!

  • Listen actively
  • Sow Emotional Intelligence in Others, this is Priceless!
  • Practice Mindfulness and Value Relaxation Time
  • Journal your daily gratitudes.
  • Develop a Growth Mindset Invest time with people who make you grow beyond your goals and dreams.
  • Hire A Professional Coach Mentor with High Emotional Intelligence, some offer free services to get you started.  Want to keep it private business, easy as 123, a signed Non Disclosure form protects many successful business men and women around the world.   A Mentor will always have your interest at heart, learn from them, it will change your world of emotional intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence – Summary


Once you master all key EQ areas above, integrate them into managing all your relationships and work life balance with superior confidence. Relax and watch the magic unfold for you daily.


Your Emotional Intelligence learning will help you with better decision making and will heighten your success amongst the most successful human beings lived and living today.


Your intelligence in all areas and aspects of your life will improve immediately as soon as you active your emotional intelligence and active your actions now that you have guidance with you.



The best news of all is that you can improve your emotional intelligence skills immediately regardless of you background or age.   What are you waiting for, improve your emotional intelligence now.  Be, Do, Have whatever you want, with what ever you have today, Coffee Bean!