15th September 2023

Britain's Longest Serving Monarch Queen Elizabeth II

Born 21st April 1926 Princes Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, — third in line to the throne after her uncle and her father.  A scandalous royal love affair changed the course of Elizabeth’s life and paved the way for her to become the United Kingdom’s longest-serving monarch,  admired by billions around the world, a symbol of  love, support, comfort, assurity continuity and arguably the most famous woman in the world lived.


From the industrial and internet age Elizabeth’s reign endured 70 years, in which she met— generations of legendary, predominately male, global leaders of the world and helped Britain through the loss of its empire and its evolution as a multicultural nation.


From a young queen to the nation’s grandmother, her smile, her wave decade after decade, greetings, handshakes and conversations with vast amount of her admirers, subjects and those inspired by her astonishing guidance in public and private despite family scandals was recognised for her calmness, reliable and cheerfulness made Elizabeth overwhelmingly loved and popular with the British Public and Media worldwide.


After the Queens passing, her eldest son Charles III is now King of the United Kingdom.


On the evening of World War II, Elizabeth’s Uncle King Edward VIII relinquished in 1936 after his marriage proposal to an American divorcee, which erupted in scandal that engulfed the royal family and hurled the nations politicians.


Elizabeth’s father King George VI immediately stepped in and took the throne, making Elizabeth the direct heir to the crown. 


After Elizabeth’s father’s passing in his sleep aged 56, Elizabeth assumed the throne in 1952 aged 25.  In the 70 years of Elizabeth’s service, she worked with 15 British prime ministers and met every US president during her time as queen except Lyndon Johnson.


The vast majority of British public have never known any other monarch, she remained overwhelmingly loved and popular.

” She has throughout her reign managed to make people feel that she is the spirit and soul of the Country.  She gives over a maternal feeling.  She’s a safe pair of hands at the top” 

Clive Irving

Elizabeth also oversaw the evolution of the monarchy championed the United Kingdom home and overseas, she has been the subject of many movies, documentaries, plays TV series including ” The Crown”  ” The Royal House of Windsor”  and  ” The Queen”.   In a changing world her profound and tireless work kept the crown relevant and fulfilled her duty, leaving a loving legacy.