11 August 2023

5 Lifestyle Changes For Every Ambitious Women of Today


Goals give motivation, aim, direction, drive and purpose.  Goal setting also flows physical and mental energy. You can’t beat old school, pen to paper goals. Research confirms that written goals are more likely to be accomplished if they are written down.  

Set them daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.  Review and Check-in on your goals to reflect on what is working for you, and what you may need to change adapt and finally tether a reward for each small or big goal you attained completely.


Values are principles and beliefs that one holds, which shape motivate and prompt the actions one takes in their daily life.

Ambitious people, leaders and people with character are very clear about their values, visions and ideals. They set high standards for themselves don’t compromise those standards.  They are both men and women that many look up to and depend on. They strive to live up to their ideals and bounce off similar individuals energy in a positive light.

He are some examples of values, Integrity, Gratitude, Humility, Respect, Compassion, Loyalty, Sportsmanship and many more.

Ambitious people dedicate their commitment to serving and empowering people and their communities.


Relationships play a large segment in our day to day personal and work lives.

We are who we are surround with, which is why our colleagues, families’ friendships – support an essential role in our life journey. Surround yourself with people who support your growth and bring the best out of you. 

Any relationship that is not supporting your ambitions, communicate directly with them and ask them the reason, if you both don’t know how each other feels, how can you help and understand one another. Talk!

Remove toxic and time-wasting people immediately, they have nothing better to do with their time, than play time wasting games with disruptive agendas.   Forgive them, that is their working ethics not yours, move on from them, it may not make them right, but this sure well will free you.  Ambitious women live by this!

You can’t be friends with someone who wants your life

Oprah Winfrey


Practicing gratitude is a blessing within itself and the gateway to greater goodness.  Gratitude can shift a huge release of anxiety, stress or tension that may have accumulated over time.

Practicing the daily habits of gratitude with a gratitude journal can streamline and balance your emotions and prepare you for more ambitious achievements.

Research has shown that ambitious people both women and men value the gratification of appreciation over their financial salary package at their place of work.  

A little way goes a long way – say that thank you for your next meal or drink, look around appreciate your breathe, nature, offer or give someone something of kindness that may help and support them to be ambitious too. 


Reflect on your goals, values, relationships, and gratitude you contribute to your lifestyle daily to become more productive and ambitious.

Ask yourself what works, what needs improvement or change.  Your answers will help you implement the lifestyle changes to impact your actions, which will lead you to enhance your way to Ambitiousness too, for sure!


Only you can implement lifestyle changes, nobody else can do this for you. Validate and give yourself approval daily, monitor the inner chatter.

Creating the ambitious life you want, is time well spent. There is no such thing as spare time, give thanks and do it now!  

Ambitious women of today – master this, you will thank yourself for this years to come.

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