Hello and Welcome on Board!

I am Nadia, Nice to meet you.

Namaste, I am a British Lass who believes was born to inspire with love, light connection and guidance.

Welcome to Dolly Khan website where you will find lots of inspiring tools and Dolly Kits to help inspire and prepare you on your journey to a successful well-deserved life of abundance and fulfilment.

Look out for Dolly Ministries which will include Books, eBooks and Audible Books in English, French and Hindi.

Congratulations! You just pushed the first domino!

Enjoy, your life will never be the same. Be Well Be Prosperous!



Your Vision is Our Vision

Our vision and values are an authentic core symbol of providing purposeful experiences for our people with a heartfelt all doors to automatic open culture with a touch of curiosity, fully fledged wings of flexibility, championing learning with smart sassy innovative disruption whilst pioneering the will and freedom to dream, most loved trademark leaving a profound and prosperous lift off customer service experience for our customers.

A goal is the essence of a drop in an Ocean of Dreams”

Nadia Alexander-Khan


Dolly Khan Classic

Art of Display - Mirror

Rustic touch-feel brass contrast with brightly coloured mood setters. Dolly Classic an education spiritual school piece adds miracle human ambiance.

Dolly Travel

Companion Compact - Mirror Fuchsia Audacity Pink

Fuchsia Audacity Pink Dolly Travel Mirror. Dolly Audacity bold, confident and slimline smart, perfect companion with office brief, evening clutch or travel carry-on.  Luxury foldable travel mirror with built in audacious stand and high-quality optical glass 3 way reflectors foldable for elite travel.

The White Suitcase

'The One' by industry leading Dolly Khan Color - Champagne Quest

Champagne quest the best seller known for its iconic look, feel and texture, for those who brave the bold quest. 

Smooth rolling with four wheels for enhanced ease 360-degree rotation at any airport, train or bus station.

Lightweight hard shell embedded with the iconic Dolly hologram logo on the front, build for the bold diva, last for decades of quests!

The Black Suitcase

'The One' by industry leading Dolly Khan Color - Slate Pro

Slate Pro the classic case for all international head hunters.  Its luxury scratchproof hardshell, deep case with organised lined zippers, is the best confidant and investment for the serious business traveller.

Light compression straps for swift packing, four wheels for ease of 360 degree smooth rolling, TSA compatible locks, finished with Dolly embedded iconic hologram logo on the front to get all frequent flyers going and enrolling.


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